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Transported in Nebraska / What Does a Miracle Feel Like?

Written by Lisa Jackson-Kirker
Immediately after Tracy graduated from High School our parents moved to Soda Springs Idaho. It was a call they felt from God. None of us were very happy with this relocation, but Mama and Daddy were excited about it. I guess it helped them avoid empty nest syndrome, never thought of that before. They did ask Tracy and I to move with them..his and my lives were not very secure or stable at the time yet both of us felt no need or desire to relocate so our parents went on their own. There are lots of stories to be told of that time. They spent about 5 years there, in Mormon country, ministering for God. Now, I’m not fond of travel but in the moving process when our parents returned to Arkansas to stay I went along with them on their last trip to Soda Springs. Heather and I left with Mama and Daddy to retrieve the remainder of their possessions. Boy is that a long fast curvy high up trip. I did a lot of lying down in back of the van trying to pretend I was anywhere but there. I didn’t know my fear of heights was as bad as that. An uneventful yet beautiful trip brought us into Soda Springs after an overnight visit with their friends in Denver. If you haven’t been in those parts of the country there is no explaining the wide open spaces you hear about. It is amazing..but I still didn’t like it. OH, and Midwesterners in general do no know how to cook very well. I was so hungry, and thirsty. The water there is tainted with the taste of sulphur. Imagine taking a glass of water and dropping in a book of matches..then let that sit for a couple of days…that’s close to the taste of the water there. Having said all this, the trip was beautiful with many enjoyable events and sights. They even took time to take me to Yellowstone.
After only a very few days, around 4 as best I can remember, it was time to come home. We were all ready to get back. We drove with as few stops as possible, Daddy leading in ‘the monster’, (our old for van jacked up on some giant tires). Mama and I followed with Heather, then around 9 years old, in the regular van pulling a small truck. We had loaded down both vehicles and had driven right along into the night. It was late night as we drove through Nebraska. Now Nebraska is the longest stretch of nothing I’ve ever traveled through. Miles and miles of interstate with no change of scenery, nothing but flat land as far as you can see. This night, as we drove as fast as permitted by law, Heather lay down to sleep and Mama and I talked and fought to stay awake. Without realizing what we were coming up on, we suddenly found ourselves coming up an overpass that had a merging lane to our right, a truck coming quickly up the ramp, and a truck moving at high speed on our left, three vehicles abreast of each other and only two lanes straight ahead. We were atop this overpass by now, railing on both sides of the three vehicles….aghast and sure we were about to die..I said something to Mama, not sure what, and prayed…Lord take me and make sure my baby girl doesn’t suffer. All went black..for just a second..then there we were, driving down the right lane both trucks in our rear view mirror. Mama and I didn’t speak. Maybe we were afraid to break the silence, maybe we were taking stock, making sure we were real. I certainly felt unreal. Daddy’s voice crackled over the ancient CB radio I didn’t even know was there. “Are you still with me, are you all okay?” Mama picked up the mic and told him, “we are still here and we are fine“. She asked, “that was close wasn’t it?’ Daddy said, “yes, your head lights disappeared, I was watching in my rearview mirror and saw the trucks coming in beside you, you disappeared,but then there you were.”
Yes, there we were. We had been transported from danger to safety in a way that defies all logic. I know you had to be there to really feel what we felt.
I’m sure that God did not keep us safe that night without good reason. I have my own reason though I’m sure it is not the only reason. For me, whenever I doubt, when I question my faith, I recall this event and I know: I lived a miracle from God. I can never prove that it happened the way I say it did, but my heart knows that it is true and that God showed me his power. Can you think of a more wondrous way to renew your faith in God. For me there is none.