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Singing From My Heart

Written by:  Kevin Jackson

I cant remember a whole lot of things from too early on, but I do remember the first time I knew we were different than most. As you know, I was so smart they had me skip the first grade. Not really, my birthday was a factor when I was registered for school. They saw fit to put me in 1st grade rather than kindergarten. The only class I liked was choir. I remember when we sang ” she’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain”, I was the only one in class that could hold on to the end of the verse without running out of breath. For a otherwise miserable elementary school existence, this was the kind of thing I held onto when I didn’t measure up to other kids. There was a revival that dad was speaking in when I was in about the third grade. I always loved to shout out hymn numbers when the opportunity was given. When the music director offered to take request, I had certain hymns pages memorized so I could sing the songs I liked best. After this particular instance, I was praised for not looking at the hymnbook at any time during the typical 1st, 2nd, and 3rd verse, and everyone should take note that I could sing from my heart. Little did I know that this would define a huge part of my life. I still pick and choose songs of praise to perform with my friends in worship, But only If I really feel them in my heart, do I even do justice to them. Otherwise, I’m just singing. The satisfaction does not come from My performance, but rather when I know that God felt It as I did.


Comments on: "Singing From My Heart" (1)

  1. This is just sweet..I can see you as a little first grader singing your heart out…and ‘just singing’? is still singing..just sometimes you are more uplifted than the next person…stop and wonder…is the next person listening and being uplifted when you are ‘just singing’. love you.

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